SeaQuest Aquarium Salt Lake City Utah

Seaquest Interactive Aquarium

Located in Layton, Utah about 30 minutes from Downtown Salt Lake City, you will find an adventure of discovery located at the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. Experience hands on activities to learn about underwater sea creatures and other land species from around the globe. Kids will have the chance to meet a real mermaid, touch a stingray, talk with a very special parrot and so much more!

What will you discover?

The Amazon Rainforest – Examine the animal kingdom that lives within the Amazon as you interact with iguanas, freshwater stingrays and a variety of other wildlife found in this South American rainforest.

California Coast – Ever want to dive into the Pacific and see what creatures lie beneath? Now you can! Check out the California Coast habitat to see the Giant Pacific Octopus, Starfish or my personal favorite the Moon Jellyfish.

Creatures of Light – This room was made for boys and girls who like the creepy and crawly! Can you spot the scorpions, frogs and tarantulas in this exhibit? Flip the switch and turn on the black lights and you’ll surely find them as they begin to glow and light up!

Mayan Jungle – Come face to face with Eels, Soft Shell Turtles and the Brazilian Seahorse among other wildlife typical to the Mayan Jungle.

The Boardwalk – This was my family’s favorite part of the entire experience. With activities and fun plentiful you will spend quite some time in this room. Sit and enjoy one of their many scheduled shows (be sure to check the schedule for the day at the front counter where you pay), play games and interact with a real mermaid.

Shark Lagoon – If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a shark for a buddy than this is the room for you. Here you can touch and even feed live sharks. You will find a variety of sharks in the pool and have fun getting to know them all.

Caribbean Cove –  Take a trip to the beautiful Caribbean and view colorful fish and an array of stingray native to the islands.

Egyptian Desert – Experience desert life and get a glimpse of the wildlife that lives there. Touch a tortoise, see a lizard and snakes bigger than you can imagine.

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Pirate Ship –  See an abundance of colorful fish of all shapes and sizes as you explore the sunken treasure of the deep.


Swim with the Stingrays – Yes, you read that correctly. Pay an additional fee and have the opportunity to dive in and get friendly with the stingrays and fish of the deep.

Fish Spa – Introduce your piggies on those feet to some doctor fish as they naturally exfoliate your skin. The toothless little fish will tickle your feet as you sit in your chair and enjoy a mini foot massage courtesy of mother nature.

Feeding the birds – With the purchase of a couple tokens (you will find these at the front desk) you can walk into an enclosed area filled with birds where you can have one on one interaction with them. You will be given a small cup with some food in it and they will fly to you, sitting on your arms and legs sipping out of your hand.

Overall, you can have a fun and interactive visit for a decent price. My kids absolutely loved it and talked about their experience for the next few days. If you have an extra hour or two to spare it is well worth your time to come check out the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium.

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