Disneyland While Pregnant

A few years back my family and I cancelled a vacation to Disneyland due to me being unexpectedly (but happily) pregnant. I thought to myself “What in the world am I going to be able to do? I won’t be able to enjoy any rides with my son. I probably won’t be allowed on any of the rides.” We went a year after I had my daughter and I quickly realized just how wrong my assumptions were. There are plenty of rides for pregnant women to still enjoy while in Disneyland so I’ve created a ride guide to help you navigate the park.



Enchanted Tiki Room – Take a stroll through this audio-animatronics show that displays exotic birds, tikis and flowers that sing songs for you to enjoy as you learn about the Pacific Islands.


Jungle Cruise – This slow boat ride will take you into the depths of the wild to see animals, plants and settings native to South Asia, Africa and South America. Just make sure you’re careful as you step onto the boat from the dock.


New Orleans Square

Pirates of the Caribbean – This slow boat ride will allow you to relax in the air conditioning for a bit as you listen to catchy tunes and see captivating displays. Pirates of the Caribbean does have a couple (albeit small) drops so use caution and be prepared for them.


Disneyland Railroad – This train offers an 18 minute long ride which allows you to take a break and relax as it makes its way around the park. It has 4 different stops (New Orleans Square, Main Street U.S.A., Tomorrowland and Mickey’s Toontown) for you to choose from and with the trains departing every 5-10 minutes you’ll never have to wait too long to hop on.


Haunted Mansion – Climb in a doom buggy and glide your way through this infamous mansion.


Critter Country

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Jump in an oversized beehive and set off on an amazing adventure. With vibrant colors and playful songs you will see your favorite characters and some of the most beloved stories as you slide along through Hundred Acre Wood.



Mark Twain Riverboat – A 15 minute boat ride where you can put your feet up and take a break. Listen to Mark Twain narrate about a time long ago when new discoveries and exploration were defining the American Frontier.




Pinocchio’s Daring Journey – This is a slow ride quest of Pinocchio’s pursuit to become a real boy. Enjoy vibrant displays that recreate scenes from the Disney classic.


Snow White’s Scary Adventure – Hop in a mine cart and be carried away to the peaceful little cottage the 7 dwarves live in before heading into the deep hallows of the evil queen. Rest in this air conditioned attraction and enjoy the ride.


King Arthur’s Carousal – A word of caution: there are no stationary options on this ride, only galloping horses. I wouldn’t recommend this one for those later in their pregnancy. Use good judgment as to whether or not to ride this one.


Casey Jr. Circus Train – The Circus Train takes you on a journey through Fantasyland. Hop in a sleigh and enjoy the view.


Storybook Land Canal Boats – Take a tranquil cruise on this slow boat ride as you drift past mash ups of some of the most popular Disney movies. While floating down river you will see miniature hand-crafted scenes from Frozen, Peter Pan and more.


It’s a Small World – On this 15 minute leisurely boat ride you will travel the world to see it’s really not that big at all. My only warning: you may be singing the song for the rest of the day as it tends to get stuck in your head.


Alice in Wonderland – Take on the role of Alice as you voyage down a rabbit hole in an oversized caterpillar.


Dumbo the Flying Elephant – This classic Disneyland ride is mother-to-be friendly as you take to the skies and soar above Fantasyland in your very own elephant. For those with nausea this may not be the best choice as the continuous circles may make you dizzy.


Mad Tea Party – Step into the kookiness of the famous Alice in Wonderland scene. Walk onto the platform and you are transported to a world of color and eccentric decor. The great thing about this ride is you can control the spinning with a wheel located in the center of each cup. This one is probably better for those with smaller baby bumps as it does take some serious core muscles to keep steady as your tea cup is spinning.


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – Jump in a 2 person open-air vehicle and let the journey begin! This little buggy will take you on an untamed adventure through the English Countryside with suspense and thrills around every corner. Be aware that there are a lot of twists and turns on this exciting ride.


Peter Pan’s Flight – This magical journey begins in quaint London and takes you to vibrant Never Land where you will experience scenes from the 1953 classic movie Peter Pan. The drama, excitement and moments of anticipation all leading up to a victorious celebration are captivating.


Mickey’s Toontown

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin – Steer your wild cab through the streets of Toontown as you follow the adventures of Roger Rabbit.



Monorail – This monorail is a great opportunity to take a break and get some spectacular views of the entire park. The ride lasts about 15 minutes and goes all the way to Disneyland’s California Adventure Park.


Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters – Board a space cruiser and help save toys everywhere as you defeat the evil Emperor Zurg! This slow ride is a little cart on a track that comes with a laser gun for you to blast targets away. I love that it’s a smooth ride but engaging with a mission. At the end of the ride everyone can check their Star Command Rank based on their total score.   


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – This expedition takes you underwater to enjoy and experience the story of Nemo. You will see underwater volcanoes, scuba divers and Nemo himself. Go on this exciting ride to participate in some of the most adored scenes from the movie Finding Nemo. Word of caution: There is a very steep stairway on this ride so please take your time.


Astro Orbitor – Take to the sky in your own personal rocket! You command the ship and tell it how high or how low to fly while spinning around a galaxy of planets on this out of this world adventure.


Disneyland can truly be a magical place for all in all stages of life. Of course, as with everything while pregnant: use wisdom, listen to your body and don’t overdue it. There are plenty of places with air conditioning to sit, relax and put your feet up if you must. If you see a ride that has a sign stating it’s dangerous for pregnant women then don’t risk it.

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