We all have certain family vacations from our childhood that we still hold dear today. I bet for a lot of us one of the most magical vacations we think about from our childhood is one from Disneyland. The rides, the characters we loved so much, the junk food mom and dad made exceptions for and the laughter. I think a Disney vacation will always be something that is somewhat of an heirloom, being handed down generation to generation. It’s one that we save for, spend time planning out every last detail and one we want our children to remember for the rest of their lives. In this 5 part series, I’m going to help you not only maximize the magic and warm memories to be made but also help you make the best use of your time by planning your trip based on the age of your children. I’ve spent several hours going through Disney maps, researching online what most people regretted about their Disneyland vacation (which rides they missed, which ones they didn’t know about and which ones they simply ran out of time for) and spending a few days in the park with my family to figure out the best use of your limited time there without losing the magic of Disney in the planning. Disney was kind enough to provide my family and I tickets so I would be able to categorize rides by different age groups, these are solely my opinions to help create a guide for you. The rides are in no particular order but I have organized them by which “themed land” they are located in. I hope you find these guides helpful.