Disneyland with teenagers


The Enchanted Tiki Room – Teens will like this audio-animatronics show that displays exotic birds, tikis and flowers that sing songs and teach you about the Pacific Islands.

Jungle Cruise – Hop on a boat and enjoy a relaxing ride that will take you into the depths of the wild to see animals, plants and settings native to South Asia, Africa and South America.

Indiana Jones Adventure – Will you survive the Temple of the Forbidden Eye? This thrilling ride will take you through unbelievable circumstances as you hunt for the famous Indiana Jones who has gone missing!

New Orleans Square:
Pirates of the Caribbean – This slow boat pirate adventure is a staple for all of us who went to Disneyland as a kid. With a never ending show of visual effects the Pirates of the Caribbean is the perfect smooth ride for the entire family to relax and enjoy together.

Disney Railroad – Get on board for this grand train tour! The train offers an 18 minute long ride and is an easy and fun way to get around the park. It has 4 different stops (New Orleans Square, Main Street U.S.A., Tomorrowland and Mickey’s Toontown) for you to choose from and with the trains departing every 5-10 minutes you’ll never have to wait too long to hop on.

Haunted Mansion – A frightening and fun ride through an old abandoned mansion will leave you at the edge of your seat. Venture through 15 rooms each with their own super natural occurrences for a mystifying experience.

Critter Country:
Splash Mountain – Float along the bayou in a log and take in the colors and sounds of a variety of critters but this ride isn’t boring by any means. You will plunge down a 5 story waterfall and get soaked along the way. Pick your seat wisely, those towards the front of the log will get the most wet.


Mark Twain Riverboat – This escapade is enjoyable for the big and small! Kids will love floating down the water in this half mile journey and will have a fun and educational experience as the riverboat takes you back in time to the old American frontier. You will see old cabins, charming Native American villages, wild animals and more! This 15 minute ride also offers up a great break for everyone to relax and enjoy their tour of the spectacular sights as you listen to Mark Twain tell you about a time long ago when new discoveries and exploration made up the American Frontier.

Sailing Ship Columbia – A full-scale replica of the original Columbia Rediviva (the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe in 1790) this fully-rigged ship floats you along the Frontierland River in the same manner as they Mark Twain Riverboat but offers a little something special. You will still float past the old cabins and charming Native American villages so you can enjoy some relaxation but underneath the deck is a wonderful surprise! Go ahead a journey below to find displays of the living conditions for 18th-century sailors. This museum offers a fun and educational experience for teens.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Board a high speeding train as it carries you through the remains of an old mining shaft. Be prepared for big turns, sudden drops and try to out run the unforeseen circumstances you will encounter at this eerie quarry.


Mad Tea Party – This fun attraction reflects the kookiness and vibrancy of the famous Alice in Wonderland. As you step onto the platform you are transported to a world of color and eccentric decor. No matter how old your kids get they will always love the spinning tea cups at the Mad Tea Party.

Matterhorn Bobsleds – Race down a replica of one of the most famous mountains in the world, the Matterhorn. Hang onto your sled tightly as you speed through icy scenery and cross unsteady bridges all while trying to avoid the much feared Abominable Snowman.


Disneyland Monorail – This monorail is a great opportunity for everyone to rest and get some spectacular views of the entire park. The ride lasts about 15 minutes and even goes all the way to Disneyland’s California Adventure Park for even more to see.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters – Board a space cruiser and help save toys everywhere as you defeat the evil Emperor Zurg! Take your laser gun and aim at all the targets you possibly can in short bursts of time. With vibrant colors and engaging story lines you will feel transported into the Toy Story world. At the end of the ride everyone can check their Star Command Rank based on their total score.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – This expedition takes you under water to enjoy and experience the story of Nemo. You will see underwater volcanoes, scuba divers and Nemo himself. Go on this exciting ride to participate in some of the most adored scenes from the movie Finding Nemo.

Autopia – Autopia lets the teens take the wheel and become a racecar driver. With a real working gas pedal and steering wheel their dream feels like reality. They can race their own times or go up against a family member to see who will be victor in this fast paced competition.

Space Mountain – One of the most beloved rides at Disneyland. Experience a rush of energy and excitement as you board a spaceship and blast off into space for an unforgettable adventure.

Star Tours – Star Wars comes to life in this exploration of the most outer depths of space. Encounter famous movie characters and alien worlds as you accomplish your mission.

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