Outdoor Adventures in Salt Lake City Utah

Outdoor Adventures to have in Salt Lake City

Utah is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. It offers endless outdoor activities from rock climbing, to off-roading, to camping and hiking galore! Salt Lake City is the largest city in Utah but that doesn’t mean the outdoor adventures are hard to find! Here is a list of some places you can spend quality time with Mother Nature that are fairly close to this amazing city.

Antelope Island

Known for it’s scenic beauty and abundant wildlife, Antelope Island is a must visit for any outdoor lover. Enjoy 42 square miles of breathtaking scenery and recreation. It’s easy to spend a day or even a weekend enjoying the array of activities offered at Antelope Island including: hiking, horseback riding, camping, mountain biking, star gazing and beaches. Take a swim in the lake or take time to appreciate the wildlife found on the island. This wildlife includes: Bighorn sheep, American bison, bobcats and of course, antelopes. Did you know that Antelope Island has been awarded the title of “International Dark Sky Park”? An award given to places that have an exceptional quality of night skies to enjoy the starry views. While visiting the island make sure to take a tour of the historic Fielding Garr Ranch. Here you will learn about early settlers, how Antelope Island came to be and an entirely different way of life. Check out more about Antelope Island here https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/antelope-island/

The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is the largest natural lake West of the Mississippi River. This beautiful lake covers 20,000 square miles and is also the saltiest in the world. Due to the intense salinity of the lake floating in the water is a popular experience to have while visiting. Have fun taking a dip in the water and swimming or laying out on the beach to sunbathe. Rent a boat anytime of the year at the Great Salt Lake Marina to go sailing. Kayaking, paddle boarding, camping and bird watching are also very popular. Take a sunset dinner cruise with Gonzo Boat Rentals and Tours and enjoy a great meal with a ravishing view of the sunset. Get more information from The Great Salt Lake Visitor’s Center https://utah.com/great-salt-lake-state-park

Timpanogos Caves

Discovered by Martin Hansen in 1887 this colorful underground cave system will leave you in awe. Explore this U.S. National Monument by taking a guided tour as you hike the 1.5 mile trail. This tour is only open during the summer months and is about 3 hours in duration. The trail in the cave is cold and steep. Temperatures average about 46 degrees Fahrenheit so a light jacket is recommended. The elevation fluctuates a lot on the pathway and is not stroller or wheelchair accessible.

There are so many amazing and beautiful places to see while in Salt Lake City. Some further honorable mentions are: Fifth Water Hot Springs, Adams Canyon Trail, Bells Canyon Trail and Donut Falls Trailhead. Have you visited the scenic parts of Salt Lake City? Please, share with us in the comments section below what your favorite SLC gems are!

8 thoughts on “Outdoor Adventures to have in Salt Lake City

  1. We just went to SLC in November and it was absolutely stunning! I have never experienced such amazing views of nature in my entire life. Antelope Island was by far my favorite – I took so many pictures of the bison because I was just in awe of them! I was hoping to see a moose, too, but we couldn’t get to the trails that were recommended due to snow. Maybe next time! Great article, thanks for sharing!

    1. Finding moose sounds like the perfect reason to go back to me! Salt Lake in general really surprised me, it really is a great city. I’m so glad you loved your time as much as we did!

  2. Great article. Salt Lake, bisons in the wild.. I’d love to visit there. I’ve been to the U.S. several times and for extended periods of time (always been fascinated by the country), but somehow never managed to do much in terms of nature and outdoors with a few exceptions, spent 99% of my time in cities. Well, what that means is I’ve got to visit again soon, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I vote for the visiting again soon all the way LOL. I’m much more of a city traveler myself but once in a while I do love some good outdoor experiences.

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