Parliament in London

A Photo Essay: London

The mood of London is so easy to capture in photographs. It is full of history, elegant architecture, color and character. It is one of the most iconic cities in the world and hosts a plethora of experiences. These are some of my favorite photographs from our time in this amazing city.


Parliament in London

The Union Jack flying high

Westminster Abbey in London

Classic London – Westminster Abbey

Classic London Phone Booth

Gotta get that red phone booth photo!

Tower of London

The Tower of London

London Undergroud Sign

London Underground

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Tower Bridge in London

The Tower BridgeBoat tour down the Thames River

Take a boat tour down the Thames River

Parliament in London

Parliament from the Thames River

View from the London Eye

View of London from the London Eye

London Eye

The London EyeView of Parliament from the London Eye

View of Parliament from the London Eye

Serpentine River in Hyde Park

The Serpentine River in Hyde Park

Take a boat on the Serpentine River in Hyde Park

Make new friends while boat paddling on the river!

Take a boat on the Serpentine River in Hyde Park


Hyde Park

Hyde Park is full of beauty

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Trees in Hyde Park

Flowers in Hyde Park

Colorful flowers can be found all over the gardens in Hyde Park

Trees in Hyde Park

You’ll find all sorts of unique trees throughout Hyde Park

Hotel Doorman at the Rubens at the Palace

The amazing Doorman from our hotel, The Rubens at the Palace

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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery in London

The National Gallery

Big Ben from Trafalgar Square

Big Ben from Trafalgar Square

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10 thoughts on “London in Pictures

  1. Wonderful city! One of my favorites. I have had the good fortune to visit London on two occasions. Loved exploring and getting lost in the city both times. Love the photos l. Thanks for sharing.


    1. It really is a maze of endless experiences and fun. I can’t wait to go back. Thank you for stopping by Roger!

  2. Fabulous photos! I hundred percent agree about London – there is so so much history and beautiful architecture! You got great snaps of some places I did not get a chance to visit/see like the National gallery and Hyde Park – both places I would love to see on my next journey there.

  3. Love these photos, Elisa, and you’ve covered all the important sights. The one of Parliament from the Thames River is my absolute favorite. I love how it’s cloudy per usual in London. I didn’t get to Hyde Park when I was in London, looks so beautiful!

  4. Wonderful pictures! I had no idea there was so much greenery in London! I always associate it with concrete and big buildings xxx


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