The Best Shows to See in Las Vegas

When you live in the entertainment capital of the world you know a thing or two about entertainment. Over the years we have slowly been able to pace ourselves as far as seeing shows, but what about when you’re just visiting Las Vegas? How do you begin to pick just one show out of a plethora of them? I wrote this article with you in mind, yes you. I managed to narrow down the endless possibilities to just five must see attractions.

1. Cirque du Soleil Mystere at TI Vegas

This high energy show brings athleticism, bewitchment and excitement to life right before your eyes. Stare in amazement (and have a chuckle or two) as you watch performers use their bodies to do incredible things while dramatic live music chants across the theater. This intense acrobatic display with breathtaking visuals will leave you speechless.

2. The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage

If you want to experience a sensory overload this is the act to see. Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE is a must go for any fellow Beatles fan like myself. Watch as every aerialist, trapezist and dancer perform to nothing but Beatles music one after the other as you walk through the timeline of the famous British band.

3. Blue Man Group at The Luxor

This show gives audiovisual an entirely new meaning. Be hypnotized as three bald, very blue men transport you into another world with sound and sight. Laugh, dance and be absorbed into this blue world of sensational sensory overload.

4. Tournament of Kings Dinner and Theater at the Excalibur

Anytime I can eat while being entertained I’m there, which is why this spectacle is one of my favorites. This medieval-themed show is full of special effects and presents a lively spirit that keeps you engaged and on edge. Each section of the arena represents a different country that a knight will campaign for. Cheer on your knight while he goes head to head in various competitions as you eat a hearty three course dinner with nothing but your hands. Adapted from the tale of King Arthur, this display features live horses, jousting, the famous Merlin and dancing maidens.

5. Michael Jackson ONE at The Mandalay Bay

A celebration of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson ONE is a fusion of art, music and astounding effects. Be consumed into the musical world of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits while you stare in awe at the performance of the artists. With intense lighting, visual effects and riveting compositions of the legend that is Michael Jackson this show will not leave you disappointed.

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil Smooth Criminal Dancers

If you have been to Las Vegas before, which shows have you enjoyed?

12 thoughts on “The Best Shows to See in Las Vegas

  1. My wife saw Cirque in NYC; she was floored by it. Like it defies logic, totally wigging you out, she said. Amazing. I can only imagine how much more it rocks in Vegas. Thanks for the helpful list!


  2. I remember going to see LOVE having no idea what Cirque du Soleil entailed and going only as a Beatles fan. I was absolutely blown away, and have been to see them almost every time they’ve come through Philly. It’s always an incredible experience.

    1. Isn’t it though? The production is always flawless and it’s such an intense experience. I adore The Beatles and I thought they did an amazing job honoring them.

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