24 Hours in Pittsburgh

Where to Stay

The Kimpton Hotel Monaco in downtown Pittsburgh did not disappoint! With it’s perfect location, friendly staff and elegant (yet playful) rooms I’d go back again and again. Enjoy a gourmet meal at The Commoner restaurant located near the lobby or grab a drink at The Biergarten on the 9th floor rooftop while soaking in the views of Pittsburgh. Be sure to sign up for the IHG rewards club to get the best rate

The Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh
I just loved these doors! So elegant. And that color!
The Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh
Such a lovely welcome gift from the wonderful staff
The Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh Rooms
The vibes of these rooms are playful and happy!

I will soon post an article with a complete review of the Kimpton Hotel so be sure to check back soon!

What to Do

There really are endless things to do in this amazing city. From classics like a visit to Heinz Field to the unconventional Randyland, you will find it all in Pittsburgh. Due to our schedule while visiting we missed out on both of the aforementioned (although, I would still recommend you check them out!) but here’s what we did get to check out!

Monongahela Incline

Talk about some breathtaking views of one of the most iconic cities! Built in 1870, the Monongahela Incline is the oldest continuously operating funicular. Take the $5 ride up to the Mount Washington neighborhood and soak in a new perspective of downtown. There is also a road you can take to the top of the incline that leads to a lookout over the city. You can experience the same wonderful view just in case the Monongahela isn’t operating that day.

Monongahela Incline view of Downtown Pittsburgh
The view of Downtown Pittsburgh is incredible!

Bicycle Heaven Museum

I’m not trying to oversell this place BUT this is one of my favorite museums I’ve ever been to, EVER. The Bicycle Heaven Museum was established in 2011 and is the world’s largest bike museum. It has been featured in several blockbuster movies such Fences and A Beautiful Mind. With 2 stories, multiple rooms and almost 4,000 bikes be prepared to have your mind blown. You will see bikes 100+ years old, special editions, bikes from popular pop culture (such as Pee-wee Herman’s original!) and just some all around unique ones from your childhood. We spent 2 hours walking around and enjoyed every minute of it. Bicycle Heaven is a free museum and operates on donations so please consider this before leaving. Check out our video of Bicycle Heaven here The Bicycle Heaven Museum

The Bicycle Heaven Museum in Pittsburgh
Don’t let the outside fool you…the inside is nothing short of overwhelming in the best way possible!
The Bicycle Heaven Museum in Pittsburgh
This is just the beginning…
The Bicycle Heaven Museum in Pittsburgh
Still not everything…
The Bicycle Heaven Museum in Pittsburgh
My favorite room! I’m a big fan of glowy (yes, I just made that word up) things!
The Bicycle Heaven Museum in Pittsburgh
This is 1 of 2 bicycles that this tree grew around! It’s incredible.

For more awesome things to check out in Pittsburgh at a discounted rate check out

Where to Eat

Ephesus Pizza

If you follow along on my blog you know that Tony and I like to think of ourselves as Mexican food connoisseurs. Well, breaking news, we also think of ourselves as pizza experts! Ephesus pizza immediately became a new favorite for us. The dough, the sauce and the quality of toppings were nothing short of perfection. Ephesus specializes in authentic Turkish and Mediterranean foods with a menu variety that would please just about anyone! I also had to order the hummus plate and oh my goodness it was so much goodness. The hummus was the perfect texture and flavor and it came with an array of items to dip in it. The fresh pita was warm and delicious. I’m not sure that any pizza restaurant will top this one for us. I highly recommend Ephesus and we will be forever grateful to the staff at The Kimpton for recommending them.

Ephesus Mediterranean Restaurant in Pittsburgh
Just seeing this again makes me crave it!
Ephesus Mediterranean Restaurant in Pittsburgh
Look at that deliciousness! Too bad Tony couldn’t stop himself from digging in before I got the pic

The Commoner

Located inside The Kimpton Hotel Monaco, The Commoner offers gourmet food at all times of the day. Whether you’re craving a fresh breakfast sandwich or an elegant lamb burger you won’t be disappointed. One of my favorite things about The Commoner is the atmosphere! It’s classic industrial with a touch of chic and vibrancy. With locally sourced art and food menu items you support and get to know the local community of Pittsburgh just by dining here and that is a perk all in itself.

The Commoner Restraurant in Downtown Pittsburgh
Tell me that’s not one of the coolest interiors you’ve seen
The Commoner Restaurant in Downtown Pittsburgh
The welcoming bar inside The Commoner

For the lowest price rate for The Kimpton click the IHG link below:

Our time in Pittsburgh was short lived but all it did was inspire us to plan a full weeks vacation! We can’t wait to go back and explore more of this amazing city and eat more of it’s amazing food! What have you done while in Pittsburgh? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I love Pittsburgh! And that hotel is so adorable, love the colored doors! I’ve never heard of the Bicycle Museum, I would love to visit! This was a great write-up Elisa! 😊

  2. I always enjoy learning about new hotel brands, and love the boutique hotel look of The Kimpton hotel. (Those blue doors!) Thanks for including inexpensive ways to explore the city.

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