The Wannabe Gypsy

My name is Elisa! My husband calls me his gypsy. Poor guy, he loves his 4 walls and the occasional vacation, but if it were up to me we would sell our house and travel the world endlessly. I’ve never felt like I belonged in one place but rather I belonged everywhere. As if the entire Earth was my home. The thing I find so enticing about the idea of wandering is that the act of constant travel shows us just how small of a space we occupy in this world and how much all of humanity is connected to each other. Yes, we all have different customs and cultures but we all love, we all desire, we all have dreams and we all need to desperately connect to others. I remember being in Paris and craving a ham sandwich so we stopped at a little shop on a quiet Parisian street. I realized that although I taught myself some French before vacation I didn’t know how to tell if the pre-made sandwich in front of me was a turkey or a ham sandwich. So I brought it to the clerk and asked him in English which it was. He looked at me confused and spoke to me in French. I quickly realized we had a language barrier problem so in an effort to satisfy my craving for ham (okay, more like get my “fix” but my food addiction is an entirely different subject…) I held up the sandwich and snorted at the clerk like a pig. Yes, full on snort…not simply saying “oink, oink”. The clerk stared at me for a couple seconds and I remember saying to myself “Was that totally inappropriate? Should I be embarrassed right now?” but not my delight the clerk began to laugh hysterically and snorted right back at me to confirm that indeed this sandwich was a ham sandwich. It was just a wonderful reminder that no matter how different we may have seemed a simple snort and a good laugh brought us together in a way that we won’t soon forget. I crave to connect with people from everywhere over almost any subject, even a simple sandwich will do. I love the discovery of the new. In my humble opinion, there is no better way to live than to be in constant movement. Unfortunately, for most of us this is just not a realistic way to live life but don’t let that discourage you from dreaming of destinations far away. Set your goals, focus on how to get there and when you can fulfill your dream of travel enjoy the break from “life”. When you travel make sure you live in the moment, without care or worry and become one with the environment you are a guest to. As with me, just because being a wanderess (yes, I just made up my own word there!) isn’t a real way of life doesn’t mean you still can’t have a gypsy soul.

I wanted to create this blog mainly for travel destinations we’ve been to and that you might be craving to go to. I will share with you tips, tricks, and things we have learned along the way to save you time, money and stress. So pack your bags and fasten up…this could get bumpy!
“A Gypsy soul isn’t lost and looking. A Gypsy soul is one who loves movement and finding the pulse in nature and flight as a metaphor. One who thinks everything is music. One who knows and holds an inward and therefore outwardly contagious kind of freedom.” – Victoria Erickson