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Those of us who love to travel also love to connect with other like minded travelers! We can grow through the experience of others as we laugh and share stories together. One of the best ways to connect with other explorers is through all the travel chats on Twitter. There are so many to pick from any day of the week! I’ve gathered all the information for you and put it in one place. Hope to see you there!


#FunTravelChat – 12:00 pm EST

#GirlsTravel – 2:00 pm EST

#TravelPics – 3:00 pm EST

#RoadtripChat – 9:00 pm EST

#TMOM – 9:00 pm EST


#TRLT – 1:00 pm EST

#CheapOairChat – 1:00 EST

#CruiseChat – 2:00 pm EST

#TBINChat – 3:00 pm EST

#TTOT – 4:30 pm EST

#InspireToWander – 9:00 pm EST


#TravChat – 4:30 am EST

#ExpediaChat – 2:00 pm EST

#PassionPassport – 2:30 pm EST

#ChatAdventure – 3:30 pm EST

#FoodTravelChat – 8:00 pm EST


#DCtravchat – 5:00 am EST

#LPchat – 11:30 am EST

#LuxTravelChat – 12:30 pm EST

#JAchat – 1:00 pm EST

#OneTravelChat – 1:00 pm EST

#CultureTrav – 3:30 pm EST

#TNI – 3:30 pm EST

#WeekendWanderlust – 9:00 pm EST


#TravelSkills – 12:00 pm EST


#PTTravel – 1:00 pm EST

Monthly Chats

#StreetArtChat – Last Monday of every month at 7:00 pm EST

#GeXTravel – Every first Wednesday of the month at 12:00 pm EST

#EuroventureChat – First Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm EST

#SundaySunsets – First Sunday of the month all day

#FLTravelChat – The Third Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm EST


Have anymore to add? Leave a comment below!



8 thoughts on “Twitter Travel Chat List

  1. Would love to add #InspireToWander to your list – a brand new travel chat (and travel community!) that happens every Tuesday at 9pm ET.

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. This is great. I also have a list on my phone. If you don’t mind me adding a few:

    #TBINChat 3pm Et every second Tuesday

    #TravChat 4:30am ET
    #GeXTravel 12nn ET every first wed
    #FLTravelChat 1pm ET every 3rd Wed (not sure of the frequency)

    #DCtravchat 5am ET
    #LPchat 11:30am ET (not sure of the frequency of Lonely Planet’s chat though)

    There’s still a few, but have to double check 😀

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